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What is Eczema and What is Triggers It

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Eczema is a skin disease, which is mostly mistaken with other skin allergies like rashes and inflammations. The main cause of eczema is reduced moisture content in the skin which makes the skin damp and an easy target for bacteria to grow over there.
Many allopathic medicines also cause eczema as one of their side effects.
Mostly it is stress and perfumed toiletries that give birth to skin irritation which later on turns into a cause of eczema.
Allergies from pollutants and some specific external agents can also lead to eczema in the long run.
People who travel a lot on business or are emigrating from one country to another country also face eczema problems due to the change in the climatic conditions.
Some people are prone to allergies more often than others. Thus special attention is to be given to such cases where there are extremes in climate and pollution.
Individuals suffering from eczema can get their problem treated though chemical medications or they can choose to use natural and herbal remedies as well.
The choice is purely individual but results may vary from person to person.
Causes and Triggers of EczemaTo know what causes eczema and triggers it, go through the points given below.
  • Climatic changes and weather shifts
  • Using hard water or water with more impurities.
  • Toiletries, soaps, and detergents
  • Pollen, pet hair and dust
  • Synthetic fibers and woolens
  • Stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Chemicals and Reducing agents
  • Oils and solvents
  • Cold, flu and other infections
How to Tackle EczemaClimatic changes fluctuate the level of moisture in the air, which further affects the skin, and makes it prone to allergies and inflammations.
Areas where hard water is the only water form available triggers skin related problems in the public.
For that individuals should try to get hard water purified and cleaned by installing water purifiers. eczema is caused due to some specific reasons only, but it gets triggered up with a variety of elements, like pollens, pet hair, and oils, etc.
It is not possible to regulate all the other agents like pollens etc. to regulate completely.
In our normal lifestyle, we use a number of chemicals in varied forms, thus the only way to get rid of eczema is to incorporate anti agents to reduce the effects of such chemicals and agents on the skin.
Using supplements, better lifestyle and cleaner atmospheric conditions can help a lot in combating eczema in the long run.
The exact cause of eczema is still unclear to the experts; still keeping the things in line seems a much wiser decision.
The common causes of eczema are somehow related to unclean lifestyle, thus focusing on hygiene and treating is as the prime factor in life that can help a lot in maintaining an eczema free life.
Use a humidifier in the house and regulate the percent of moisture in the air.
This way a huge difference can be made to keep the skin healthier and safer.
The main causes of eczema can still be treated by incorporating medical treatments aimed at reducing the effect of eczema over skin whereas barely continuing the medication is not the only way out.
If you suffer from this skin condition it means you have to start incorporating the right kind of food in their diet to completely eradicate this disease from your life.
This is a skin condition that is hard to treat and can cause lifetime problems. It's important to be as gentle as possible with your skin and feed it the best possible nutrition and use natural beauty remedies wherever possible.

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